out of a forest

A few days ago i wasn't feeling so happy and to cheer me up my sister bought me a Malteser Bunny.
I don't really like chocolate but i do like almost everything animal shaped.
I ate its ears first. So it didn't suffer, obviously.
Ever since then, bunnies have hopped their way into my days.
Firstly with the discovery of Design Curiosities resident bunny, Eames.
He makes me want a rabbit all of my own. I fear my Misty would have something to say about it, however.
She always looks like pure, unadulterated evil when i take photographs of her!
She's really quite beautiful and lovely in person.

My third encounter with the long-eared, hoppity creatures was in the form of Bette Midler in a rabbit suit. Yes, i was watching Beaches.

And fourth and finally - as far as i know - was whilst having an afternoon wander through Vimeo today and discovering this ridiculously lovely stop-motion film by Tobias Gundorff Boesen.

Out Of A Forest from Tobias Gundorff Boesen on Vimeo.

Scored by one of my favourite bands, The National and finished with an unexpected, strangely heart-warming twist.
I'd never want to be an animator but i sure do love watching what they make.
Emily said...

You should have put the picture of Mini above the bunny...she'd look even more sinister glaring down at it!

hehe, why must our Mini be so evil?