triathlon - get back


Completely in love with this happy puppy.
And increasingly furious knowing what i know about season 3.
Not cool, Sleepy Hollow writers.
Not cool at all.


nobody cares

Offensive sweatshirts could be my new favourite thing.


c418 - strange gambino

It's killing me that this isn't downloadable.

cyberbully mom club - burns so bright (demo)

prusakov vitaliy

Post office (color)


molly drag

A successful day at Bandcamp.
Molly Drag forever.


molly drag - everyone i love is dead (fog lake remix)

lying cat

It hurts my heart that this isn't available in the uk/doesn't ship to the uk.


boy, snow, bird

'Nobody ever warned me about mirrors, so for many years I was fond of them, and believe them to be trustworthy. I'd hide myself away inside them, setting two mirrors up to face each other so that when I stood between them I was infinitely reflected in either direction. Many, many me's. When I stood on tiptoe, we all stood on tiptoe, trying to see the first of us, and the last. The effect was dizzying, a vast pulse, not quite alive, more like the working of an automaton. I felt the reflection at my shoulder like a touch. I was on the most familiar terms with her, same as any other junior dope too lonely to be selective about the company she keeps.'

Boy, Snow, Bird
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