santa clarita diet // season 2

Suck it, haters.

american gods

'The raven cawed from the edge of the clearing.
"You want me to follow you?" asked Shadow. "Or has Timmy fallen down another well?" The bird cawed again, impatiently. Shadow started walking towards it. It waited until he was close, then flapped heavily into another tree, heading somewhat to the left of the way Shadow had originally been going.
"Hey," said Shadow. "Huginn or Muninn, or whoever you are."
The bird turned, head tipped, suspiciously, on one side, and it stared at him with bright eyes.
"Say 'Nevermore'," said Shadow.
"Fuck you," said the raven.'

American Gods
(Page 172-173)

Rating: 4/5

constantine blu-ray

The first time in the history of ever that i've signed a petition and the thing's actually happened.

three billboards outside ebbing missouri

xavier casalta


Approximately 8 million dots and 400 hours.

miya folick // strange darling


wy - hate to fall asleep

I don't know where i am with music right now.
I listen every day. Without fail.
And it almost feels like too much.
I barely remember what's passed through my brain the second the music's stopped.
And i can't fathom whether that's my head telling me a particular song/band's had no effect on me or whether i've gone into auditory overload and can't tell the difference anymore.
But i can't seem to slow down.
I've never been able to dedicate myself to just a few bands/genres.
I need it all.
And for the longest time i've worn that trait like a badge of honour.
But sometimes, sometimes being so greedy bites back.
And you wade through days of music just for a glimpse of something you've been waiting what feels like forever for.
Like Wy.
Wonderful, woeful, Wy.

the handmaid's tale

I am itching for this.

death note

We shall see.
The casting of Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is enough to get my attention though.

1991 - heartstrings