good omens

I knew they wanted to do it together but he who only speaks in capital letters had other ideas.
I knew Pratchett gave his heartfelt consent to do it without him.
I knew, i knew, i knew.
And now i'm worried.


phil collins - take me home

xiu xiu - wondering

endre penovác

Endre Penovác
Through Winter Fog



Toad of Dickhead Hall is refusing to share the bed.


santa clarita diet

Please be good.
Please, oh please.

wisdom or unabashed devilry?

The big sister taking care of me as my wisdom teeth do their very best to saw my gums to shreds and render me pitiful.
I can only consume squishy food.
Give me all the squishy food.
And teething gel.
My gums feel... marshmallowy.
Babies get the best drugs.

xiu xiu - blue frank-pink room (twin peaks cover)

i'm dying up here

joshua dunlop