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a cure for wellness

This is the sort of trailer that anybody who knows me would automatically think "so, that's got Louise written all over it in creepy, jet black font."
And they would be correct.
Even though the squigglies at 1:38 are very much not okay with me.
Outlaw the squigglies.

joseph minek


You deserve better.

the butcher's hook

'When I leave the room, holding my fingers to my noise, I can still smell the baby's scent. I hurry back to my room, pour water from the ewer into the basin and keep my hands immersed till it is gone.
"Anne!" My father calls from the hall. The house holds its breath to listen as my feet tap tap down the stairs to find him ‑ we are both wondering what he might say.
"Come!" He si at his study door and indicates I should follow him in. I lift my skirts as I enter the room as if crossing shallow water. It is the moat of my father's constant disapproval that I try and avoid, for it wets so much and stinks when it dries.'

The Butcher's Hook
(Page 54-55)

Georgian filth.

lee moses - bad girl, pt.1

steve dillon

2016, why are you taking so much from us?

sue williams a'court

carola schapals


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