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stranger things

If you're a heavy duty font enthusiast or you're just fond of the printed word like myself then this article about the design process of the Stranger Things title sequence is for you.

Also, having much fun with this generator:
And yes, i'm hungry.
And also, yes, this is now my desktop.

kleinart // varley


'What we will remember—we tried to take the dog,
packed around him, making a cozy spot
at the back of the Subaru, blocking out the sun,
resisting the obvious—
he was too old, he would not make it.
And when he died in Minnesota,
we smelled and smelled his paws,
arthritic and untouchable these last many years,
took those marvelous paws up into our faces.
They smelled of dark clay
and sweet flower bloom decay.'

Packing the Car for Our Western Camping Trip

stranger things

You know i've fallen hard when it earns a spot on my desktop.

Current favourites:

Dustin (i wish to squish him)
Eleven (mini superpowered Ripley, i adore thee)
Hopper (if Jim dies, you riot, i sob in a corner)

Added props for Winoni being back in her wheelhouse and killing it.

ashley yeo

vancouver sleep clinic - lung

I've not just listened to this 8 times in a row.
Totally haven't.
Can't prove it.

onitsuka tigers

It's been an Onitsuka kind of day.
Which means my ankles are slightly annoyed but my feet are in squishy soled heaven.

death in vegas

For some reason i have a complete mental block with this song and always think it's The Jesus and Mary Chain (not so far a reach, no?) and forget that it's actually Death in Vegas.
Same goes for Blur and She's So High.
My brain has been senile since conception.

clara lieu

These elderly nudes drawn on tissue paper by Clara Lieu are beyond lovely.
The blend of graphite with such a delicate surface displays a thoughtful sensitivity to the subject matter.
The sort of thing you wish you'd thought of first.

dan hipp

Stranger Things